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Rig Cleaning

With decades of experience in rig cleaning, we know how to keep your entire rig clean.

From derrick to pontoon, we have the equipment and personnel to perform the job after you`re request.
With 110-1100 bar high pressure washers and only hot water we make sure that your rig shines using a eco-firendly methode.
Waste water are handled with vacuum suction directly into skips.

UHP blasting

For the jobs that require heavy duty cleaning, we use Ultra high pressure from 1000 to 2000 bars.
Effective on opening plugged lines, be it mud, cement or removing rust/coating from the rig, or removing rust or scale from surfaces for painting, we have your needs covered.

Cuttings Handling

Since 1999 we have handled a multitude of projects within handling cuttings. Our task is making sure the Rig has a safe and effective operation from shaker to a dedicated area for cuttings storage

We offer systems whith a high capacity and proven technology.

Swarf Handling

Based on our years of milling operations offshore, we have developed several types of custom made systems and technical solutions, each tailored to the specific rig and customers needs.

The objective is to separate mud from the swarf debris and return the clean mud back to the active system.

Slop Treatment

As a part of the Total Waste Management Services, we operate slop treatment units, to make sure the environmental footprint from drilling operations is reduced to a minimum.
We can treat drain water, oily water and mud contaminated water, drastically reducing waste sent onshore for treatment, saving both the environment, as well as logistical costs.
Pictured is a unit from our partner, IKM Production Technology


Together with our dedicated Sub-Contractors we can come up with the solutions for system integration, offshore surveys, 3D modelling and layouts, design and fabrication, as well as the actual installation work.


We can offer multi skilled personnel with all of our services.

Our personnel can be used in all aspects of cleaning and waste management. This allows you as a customer to perform several operations with one crew, saving flights, beds and travel cost.
They are also highly motivated, built from "the right stuff", and are not idle hands on the rig, but will assist with anything during wait-time.