Update week 24

We have just finished a massive rig cleaning job that contained 25 tanks with cement, base oil and OBM slop. We got to try new methods to empty the OBM column which turned out to work very well. This will help us be even more effective on similar jobs in the future. This was a big job for us!

Thank you to our customer for a very good cooperation between the companies, we hope to be back soon.

In addition to our contracted rigs we are currently out on a rig washdown before the rig goes into shore.

West Hercules

The last weeks have been buisy for our onshore logistic team with packing of a JWS Swarf unit that is going to be operated on UK sector. Startup for the P&A job is set to mid July.

The coming weeks

It seems that our good momentum is continuing for the coming weeks, with 4 cleaning operations mobilizing next week, 3 pit cleaning and 1 emptying of cement.