Cuttings Handling systems

We offer various methods for handling drill cuttings, customized for each installation

TwinVac Cuttings Handler

The TwinVac is a high capacity cuttings handler, and has an excellent track record regarding efficiency and high uptime which is critical when drilling wells.
This system has redundancy, we have installed doubles of each critical component, meaning we can perform maintenance on the system without stopping the operation.
Cuttings is moved through vacuum hoses from the shaker collection point, and deposited in skips via a manipulator arm that can reach a large number of skips placed in front of it

Skip and ship using blower system (Cuttings Blower Pump)

By utilizing compressed air, the blower pumps the drill cuttings over a longer distance; the system has big capacity and has a low maintenance cost. On some occasions the system also transports the drill cuttings directly to a vessel.

Slurryfication / Injection

By using special coarse pumps we mix the drill cuttings with water to make it pumpable, either for storage topside or direct Injection into the well.